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Death - from a broken heart.

I have chosen to adapt the story "Death"  from Sherwood Anderson's "Winesburg, Ohio".

In the story Elizabeth is in her 40s, as am I, and, obviously, we have the same (very common) name, and neither of our lives have turned out to be anything like how we imagined them as kids.

Here is a link to the original story...

Here is the link to my story...

 Sorry it's taking so long to get my second draft online, but it's Summer Vaca for my daughters so I have to keep my Angelina busy (and out of trouble ;) )
I'm actually writing on paper rather than my computer, I find I can work better when I can feel myself writing each letter rather than just hitting the keyboard keys.

 I will post it as soon as I get it typed up

Here's my final draft...


As she awaits her death from Cancer, Elizabeth Willard, wife of Tom and mother of George, looks back on her lonely life.


Whether I win or lose, I still have my own writing that I will continue to work on.

If James ever does one of these projects again I hope he does it during the school months rather than summer vacation where there's more time to work and less distractions.


I just found a great place to put my writing, it's called Wattpad and I've put several of my stories on it.  Actually, they're all part of one big story, but I have so much stuff going through my head I just split them up so I can work on them whenever the ideas enter my mind.

BTW, These stories are for people 18 and over


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