Death by Hurricane

Death by Hurricane - student project

1/28 - Final

Here's my final. I couldn't completely figure out how to make the boxes the same size as "Cheniere Caminada" had to take up two lines. After making them all vertical, I had to do some centering as a left justification made it look uneven. Took out the state abbreviations - thought that was unneccessary. Did a few spacing thing, change the hurricane scales to be more drastic, changed the date font, and I think that's it. I wish I didn't have such a gnarly cold so I could maybe work on this a little more! Thanks for everything!

Death by Hurricane - image 1 - student project

1/25 - second draft.

Changed a bunch of things and made it look more complete. Apparently I don't like color because I like it grey/dark blue - added the reds and oranges in attempts to color it. I've looked at it for far too long so any suggestions are very welcome!!

Things I might be changing: taking out the teeth marks on the skulls, color change, readjust maps, etc..

Death by Hurricane - image 2 - student project


Just a very rough sketch right now. I tend to do everything by pen and paper before hitting illustrator - so this is a first for me.

Decided to keep it simple - just the top 5 deadliest US hurricanes.

Color, copy, fonts, images, others... to change.

Death by Hurricane - image 3 - student project