Death and Destruction: DRAFT

Death and Destruction: DRAFT - student project

Round 3. Really appreciate the fabulous feedback and how much this piece has progressed as a result in such a short time!

The top half represents the final. If the source and credit were added, could stand alone. To the extent you're providing any more feedback (you've already been more than generous, Liz and Gavin), that's the part that feels within the bounds of the course.

I'm including the bottom half only to show that this assignment inspired a lot of additional thinking and effort, which was very worthwhile for learning, if not yet producing the best result.It was an attempt to do more with the interesting adjusted data for population and wealth, which seems to be .an interesting piece of the story. Unfortunately, my first attempt at a scatter plot here doesn't tell it well (axes need to be switched or maybe scatter isn't even the best way, lots of clean-up needed.) In addition, this section is too big, failing to reflect the hierarchy of this info as lower level. But again, I'm glad I did it. I would definiteiy think more about a wireframe for a complex infographic and use more design principles like golden rectangle or whatever to product more pleasing outcomes.

Thanks for this fabulous course and the opportunity to push the thinking so far.

Death and Destruction: DRAFT - image 1 - student project