Death To Fat

To start I want to have a body fat % I can be proud of and not just a number on a scale :)

When I first started my journey January 1st, 2012 (a year later after having my son) I had NO IDEA what I was really doing. I thought if I just focused on that number on the scale everything would fall into place. Well, after much research and asking lots of questions I found out that number shouldn't be my soul purpose. I should also be tracking my BF%, which should be my real focus.

After I finally found out the information I started tracking it, boy was I upset with myself when I first found out my BF%...42%. Plus I was 212lbs at the time. But anyways, tracking it daily made me go bonkers! I figured after a good week or two that I would only track my BF% once a week like my weight.


My project is to get my Body Fat % down to normal or lower :)

January 1st, 2012

 - BF% = 42%

January 1st, 2012

- BF% - 32%

I also have other goals I want to accomplish:

- Eat Cleaner

- Tone

- Exercise daily

- Lose 20lbs

- Cheat day every 7-10 days

- Train for my first 5K

- Encourage healthy eating to my family and hopfully they too will follow in my footsteps

This is huge for me since this is for me, my family and my son. I want to be a good role model to him and not somone who stuffs my face with unhealthy food all the time. I want to show him that eating healthy is good and fun and that having the occasional "cheat day" everything will be fine. I want to encourage him and others to keep going for your dreams and never quit or let others get you down...they are just jealous ;)


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