Death Grips

My Name: Corey Danks

Band: Death Grips

Venue: The Forum

City: London, UK

Date: May 2, 2013


I've chosen to do a poster for the band Death Grips. They're an experimental hip-hop group from Sacremento, CA. The music itself is very aggressive, with a combination of live instrumentation and electronic instrumentation. They're scary as hell.


The majority of my inspiration is going to come from the music itself because it evokes such a visual anyway. With that being said, I'm mostly interested in doing something having to do with insanity or brainwashing. 

A Clockwork Orange is going to be pretty influential on my design

A Clockwork Orange

As well as the look of solitary confinement cells

I want it to feel really creepy/scary/weird. Just like the music.


I've been pretty pre-occupied with work for all of my design classes, so I'm not as far along as a lot of other people appear to be, but I did have the opporunity to do two fairly quick sketches that I think have some potential.

This idea goes back to the A Clockwork Orange type vibe. I want the TV to have a static-y image of MC Ride (the lead singer) screaming on one of those old, squeaky TV stands that they'd wheel into rooms back in the day. I want 'Death Grips' to be written in blood on the back wall with some other sign of struggle also prevelant, the claw marks in this case.

Basically, I want it to tell a story.

My second idea is less story and more of a creepy, eye-catching image of MC Ride pictured in a straight jacket, along with a muzzle over his mouth. Once again, I'm thinking of doing some bloody type to show the insanity/struggle.

I'm still developing the ideas, but this is what I have so far


Sketches Round 2

I had the chance to further develop my ideas and I'm really liking where they're heading. I jumped on the computer and began illustrating using Adobe software because I don't have the greatest drawing abilities.

This is where I am so far with my second idea and I think I'm gonna roll with it the rest of the way.


Worked on it a little more. Decided to take a 'Silence of the Lambs' type approach. Not sure where I want to go from here...adding a background possibly? 


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