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Death Battle Skills - Karin van de Kuilen


Name: Deathica
Features: Long black coat, long hair, nothing but underwear underneathPowers: Touch of death, death breath, scythe of the black plague

sketch 2

Something like this... might change as the classes progress ;)

Sketching the body with shapes:
started off with some standing poses, use reference from deviantart senshistock
And went on searching google for stick fighters and scythe fighters, heroines

With arrows i try to imagine what moves to where, when making those movements. 
I also searched for other poses from golf and hockey, fighting with sticks

Oh lord, struggled with those facial expressions, so it took me awhile :)

i tried to keep it with one face, but every face seem to be someone else.... arr and they feel not so expressionately...

i tried another character, count rainbow

this one seemed oke.... pfff for now on to the next lesson... :)


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