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Death - A piece from Cessation (Winter 2015 collection).


I chose this current piece for this project for a few reasons. One, it conveys an idea and message effectively. Two, it uses familiarity within the imagery so it is quick to catch the eye. And lastly, because I feel it is the best piece in my current Winter 2015 collection. When this class popped up, I was in the middle of producing this tee and felt it fit the class perfectly.

The idea began as wanting to speak out about cigarettes and how deadly they are. We all make the choice to smoke, but sometimes when you really take a step back on your life and look at the grand picture, you begin to realize what you are really doing when smoking cigarettes--paying someone to slowly kill you. What do you know, that Chewlies Gum rep had it right this whole time. Cruddy lung and all.


I found some source material for this idea as I wanted it to be as authentic as possible. The biggest problems were finding the proper fonts, finding a camel skeleton in this exact position, and locating images that highlighted the necessary art large enough to trace--I was NOT about to give Big Tobacco anymore of my money to scan the package. I wasted enough money on them in my adolescence. I threw a brief trace down with a ballpoint to see if what was in my head would actually look good on paper and, subsequently, a t-shirt. This is an important process a lot of people will overstep in favor of going straight to the computer and on a shirt. Sometimes, the ideas just don't work and you can see it once someone is wearing it. Lucky for me, that wasn't the case.


The next step was getting a solid trace of the camel outline and background. Finding a camel skeleton that closely resembles the posture of the one on the package was a big challenge but I love a good challenge. I didn't find one exact but I came pretty close and winged it the rest of the way. Making the bones fit as accurately as I could envision was extra fun. Using a lightbox at my day job, I got a solid outline of everything in pieces. I then took a brushpen to ink my pencils to give a hand drawn look versus a computer rendering. I felt this design needed my definite thumbprint on it. So in conjunction with the brushpen lines, I included my artist signature, that is, the upside down crown above the camel's head.



I scanned all the parts in and laid them out accordingly in illustrator. I arranged the text similar to the package design with some changes to match my brand and idea. After producing the shirt (screen printing it myself) and getting everything in my online store, I made time to shoot some images before the class deadline. The fun part was forgetting my Gorilla Pod at home and using a slanted trashcan and my backpack to prop my camera and use a timer to snap myself. I did this on my lunch hour because it's the only time I have daylight this week. When you want something bad enough you stop making excuses and start making executions. Adapt to the situation and press forward. The end result is well worth it.



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