Dear Roman

Dear Roman - student project

Dear Roman

Hi dear brother, How are you? It’s been 30 years already since you’ve been gone and I’ve been alone dealing with everything in our family life. As you probably saw from up there in heaven, I got married and moved to a different city and a year later, we moved our parents to this city. I’ve studied what I’ve always wanted to study but the road was full of bumps in the end I’ve studied graphic design and interior design but again I couldn’t work in that aspect because a virus named COVID-19 started I got stuck at a work that I hated and didn’t know how to leave it.

Now your big sister is suffering because mom is in the nursing house because she doesn’t feel ok and suffering a lot and so is dad is having health problems and I can’t find a new job now that I finally managed to leave my other job so I can help mom and dad. I hope I’ll be able to find a new job and get pregnant so our parents can live long to meet their granddaughter/grandson in the future.

Ever since the COVID-19 we couldn’t go to your grave in 2019 and see you and talk to you and tell you about our lives. Still, now it will be a problem because mom can’t walk at all and dad has a problem with his eye. Still, he is getting treatment as an injection to his eye to get it better, and also dad needs to go through surgery for his split so I don’t know if we’ll be able to visit you this year, especially since it’s your 30 year death anniversary on October 18th.

Your big sister,