Dear Guest

Dear Guest - student project


My project is a ficticious small collection of products for the hospitality of your guests. 

Like hotels provide personal higene products, the idea is that you could offer the same in the comfort of your home. With the idea to educate your guest to be polite and for example not using your bar soap.

I wanted to start with this as a personal project at home, labeling things i already have and "packaging it for them". I decided to start with a body wash. This would potentially include more than just a body wash, so appart from figuring out a logo i would like to do a multiuse label. This is something that stayed with me from the videos, the idea of reusing one piece for many. As i figure out the mechanics of it, I started initially by just sketching as if i where doing the whole label. But it might evolve into something you could write into.

My moodboards are a collection of products i find i love watching cause there is something soothing in being simple and straigh-forward and they have something that unifies them  by using either just type or color or both to differenciate them.

I aim to do somehting simple, and i thought it would be appropriate to have that hand written quality so it felt more like a touch of hospitality than a i just got the generic brand so you could use while you crash in my couch.

I have brands that usually have a system set up, or just unique products and also actual hotel collections as reference.

Dear Guest - image 1 - student project

I want it to be type driven mostly and depending on the budget, color would be the next awesome thing. I want to explore having a stamp as a way of reusing the logo for the labels. I have examples of products that have just a sticker or wraparound that could be use for many purposes. From wrapping a towel, to a bottle, to a toothbrush etc.

Next are more examples and some initial doodles taking a little of the things i liked from the examples and moving into handlettered. The examples here are even more generic bottle simple white label which is also what I want. And this awesome example of handmande japanese stamps ( that are incredible. It gave me a lot of ideas of how to easily changing color from product to product, adding texture, reusing. So I most likely be using stamps. Any coments are super welcomed!. Thanks!

Dear Guest - image 2 - student project