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Deal Share

Getting a good deal off of a daily deal site like Groupon or LivingSocial is awesome, but getting a free deal from those sites is even better!  How is this possible?  After you purchase a deal off of one of these daily deal sites, you can share a personalized link where friends and family can buy the deal.  If 3 people buy the deal, you get it free!

Deal Share is a site where users will be able to sign in, post their personalized link, and connect with people who share similar interests and want their deal.  After a user posts their link, all they need is 3 people to buy from it, and they get their deal for free!  No more spamming friends and family on Facebook and Twitter about buying your deal!  Deal Share will, ideally, become a community where users will get their daily deals for free.





Added the ability for users to share links under their deals

Added user profile pages that show their deals

General styling


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