Deadly Viper Assassination Squad

Deadly Viper Assassination Squad  - student project

I'm pretty late to all of this but regardless I’ll finish this project eventually. 

One of my favorite films of all time is the Kill Bill series. If you have seen them, then you probably remember about the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. Each of the six characters belonged to the squad, they all had code names they went by. I thought this would be a great idea to make badges based on each of the five snakes plus the snake charmer Bill. I have some more sketching today but I think this gives you a pretty good picture of how I would like it to turn out. 

A simple badge with the members name and snake name they have been given with the snake being the main focus of each badge. Each background will be a popular scene from Kill Bill that fits each character, like the wedding chapel for Beatrix Kiddo. Any feedback is welcome and thanks for taking the time to look at my project :) 

Deadly Viper Assassination Squad  - image 1 - student project