Deadly Sylvia - The Protector

Deadly Sylvia - The Protector - student project

Hello class, my name is Ian, and i will present to you and Mr. Chris Delorenzo about one design of my own clothing line brand called DeadlySylvia. the basic story is here :

When you feels the world spins fucking slowly, sky so dark, gloomy and a bit boring. What a day! You’re stuck on your room, become such a hell on earth lately, listen to your favorite songs looking up in the air and come up with fucking damn good and brilliant idea.  What kind of idea? You’re running to the mirror looking at your jeans, your face, your shoes, and suddenly said, ”ok, you’re looking good but  yeaah, you need a new tee with such a killer design.”  So, that was a Deadly Sylvia coming from.

Wondering about deadly T shirt design that will be brought you appears so fascinating. We built all of this with blood, sweat, dedication and hard work. Moving surely, calm like a snake with a desire to poisoning deeply till your bloody arteries. Deadly Sylvia gonna silently shocked your bloody routine, chilling your dressed habit. Will be poisoning you this 2012 with our killer design created by our superb designers.   

We invite you to step into the calming energy of the snake, and see what this noble creature offers you!

here are one of the design that i made for it

Deadly Sylvia - The Protector - image 1 - student project

The concept is a 2 snake that protecting the key, the key is pointing to the chest it means a heart of the tshirt owner, so if you want to take my heart you must defeat this 2 beast who protecting the key

Deadly Sylvia - The Protector - image 2 - student project

i'm sorry if any mistakes in this presentation, please correct me so i can get a new skill and knowledge from all of you