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Dead Planet

I'm just beginning on my landscape, it's going to be based on dead trees and insects, so there's a lot of sharp edges. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! 


Here's the thumbnail that I chose to continue with...


Blocked in the shapes and beginning to work on light, I also added a little more of a dead trees look... 


Brought an arch into the foreground for some scale and added some color and textures around. I want to solidify the mantid headed rock a little more, I might consider adding some greenery there....


I added that greenery to mantid rock, decided to add in a bit of mold to my textures.. I plan to add more. Also the arch got a bizarre face that makes me very happy.


More texturing... more painting...


More mold!


A whole new mountain and I had to darken the sky, the background just separated too much!

What do you guys think so far?


Faded the background a little in order to give it a little more atmosphere, I don't know I think it needs something in the air, maybe a ship of some kind?


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