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Dead Moth Society

Dead Moth Society.
A place for the Dead Moth Society members to to collaberate on design and share work, resources and ideas amounst themselves and the public.

The landing page

This will be DMS's face to the public allowing showcase of works created by members. It should generate interest, help to create awearness of the DMS brand, give a clear indication of the brands personality while helping to improve and grow on the brands already existing marketing.

Brand Portrayal:

  • Playful
  • Creative
  • Excitment
  • Modern
  • Low Fi
  • Rough around the edges
  • Skilled
  • Craft

Actual Brand Attributes:

  • Graphic design
  • Print
  • Media
  • Illustration
  • Concept
  • Collaberation
  • Advertising
  • Adventurous
  • Relaxed

Target Audience:

  • Playful
  • 21-29
  • Youthfull
  • Individuals and small business
  • In need of small branding
  • Low to medium income
  • sense of humor
  • Local 


Learning Moqup, what a great tool, loving it already. I'm just playing around with ideas at the moment so this is not an indication of my final layout. Grids=great!


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