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Dead Man

I picked my favourite movie for this project: Dead Man by Jim Jarmusch. If anyone hasn't seen it, please do. It's an exceptional movie. Shot in black and white, to the soundtrack of Neil Young's lone guitar, and it is quite a journey.

I tried a few approaches for a poster. First one was quite literal, I wanted to depict the final scene in the movie, with William Blake lying on the boat that's floating down the river, and Nobody riding away (well, in the movie he didn't get to ride away, but—).


I chose against this approach for two reasons: first, as you can see yourselves, I can't really draw. And second, there's already a similar poster for the movie, and I didn't want to re-create it.

So I kept thinking. The elements of the movie that won my little brainstorming competition were Sir William Blake's poetry and Nobody's futile quest for tobacco throughout the movie. So I decided to go ahead and satisfy Nobody, give him his pack of tobacco. :)

I researched some 19th century american tobacco packs and found this reference image that I quite liked.


It's constructed with a crazy mix of typefaces, yet is stark and simple. I decided to recreate a similar packaging in the same spirit, with the crudest tool available to me, and I chose Microsoft Word. If this made you laugh, then my joke worked. But seriously, I began putting together the tobacco pack wrapper in Word, using a mix of old-fashioned typefaces. For the name of the product I chose "Sweet Delight" from Nobody's favourite Sir William Blake's poem:

Every Night & every Morn 
Some to Misery are Born 
Every Morn and every Night 
Some are Born to sweet delight 
Some are Born to sweet delight 
Some are Born to Endless Night

The rest of the text is self-explanatory.

Here is what the pack looked like once it was put together.


And here's the final poster. I'm pretty happy with it. I know, it's not the most dynamic, but so is the movie. It's more like a trip down the river, lying in the boat, and feeling like you're the one standing still, and the world is moving around you.


Hope you like it. And, seriously, watch the movie if you still haven't. It's beautiful.


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