Dead Canyon

Dead Canyon - student project

Hey, my name is Matt, and I'm from Phoenix AZ. I am a painter mainly, but really love digital art. DKNG make amazing posters, and I thought it would be awesome to learn from them, so here I am!

Dead Canyon is my firends band in Phoenix AZ. Two of the members have been in other bands together, and their evolution as musicians is really cool. They went from a crust punk band in high school, to a metal band, now to Dead Canyon which is a bluesy, rock band. Their music is on the darker side, kind of like dark country stuff. 

I'm excited to see where it goes. 

Here is some posters that have the same kind of feel that I'm going for.

Dead Canyon - image 1 - student projectDead Canyon - image 2 - student project

Here are some sketches. please forgive the horrible quality, my scanner was stolen.

Dead Canyon - image 3 - student projectDead Canyon - image 4 - student projectDead Canyon - image 5 - student project