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Filipp Ryabchikov

Designer, Illustrator, Music Producer



Dead Boys Poster

As a big fan of Stiv Bators, I decided to make a poster for one of my favorite 70's punk bands - Dead Boys.

I wanted to add some brush lettering to image, so I started to play with watercolors and draw a letters on paper.


After that I started to sketch main composition with pencil and then trace it with ink. I don't have a light table, so I decided to draw elements separately. Firts I draw a background - wall of bricks and fire.


For the main element I wanted a hand with a bracelet. Here is my hand, I pictured it for the reference.


But I didn't what to trace a picture, I wanted to make drawing more live, more unproportional, so I was just looking at my hand and drawing what I see.


I accidentally smeared some ink in some places of image, but I decided to leave it like that to add more punky feel to image, you can see that smeared ink in final vector illustration. When all paper drawings was ready , I scanned everything and then traced it in Adobe Illustrator


Then I build the final composition in Illustrator and add colors. Thats it.



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