Dead Birds Adore Us

Dead Birds Adore Us - student project

All righty. The band I'm going to design a poster for is Dead Birds Adore Us, a lesser-known band located in Indianapolis Indiana. They've referred to their own style of music as "psychedelic art metal," which seems accurate once you've seen them perform live. 

In addition to your typical drummer, bassist, and guitarist, they also have a resident band member that focuses only on visual media: as they play, they also have live-edited streams of video playing on a screen behind them. The visual artist has his own defined sets of old-school video clips, filters, texures, etc. that he "plays" along with the band. Here's a video of one of their songs/videos, "Mind Control" (crap audio, good video) and another of "Tunnels" (good audio, crap video). Just to give you an idea.

I'm planning on doing my poster in the standard 18"24" as mentioned in the 1st lecture. I was unsure of whether to include details on a specific show coming up (April 27th, 9PM, at Indy's Jukebox, $5, with bands Asphyxian, Coffinsville, and Bizarre Noir). I considered designing the poster with a blank area at the bottom so that details can be written in with sharpie for varying shows, allowing for a less expensive batch print. Then I had the idea -- maybe I can design the art poster and the show details section in separate "blocks", so it'll be easy to change that specific show information out if the band wants to.

As for the text, I'm pretty set on adding the band name in trippy psychedelic texts similar to music posters in the 70's; text like this poster or maybe like these. Only a few colors, simply 1-2 color linework on some other solid color. The band's visuals tend to have lots of oversaturated colors and interesting Mathmos-esque oil filters, or grungy film grain, which I'd like to also incorporate into my poster. 

SO -- what am I going to do for my poster? 

The guitarist has been wearing this mask of the egyptian god Thoth during many of their recent shows; he was nice enough to send me a photo for reference as I work on this: 

Dead Birds Adore Us - image 1 - student project

I just thought this was visually awesome, so I thought on that idea a bit as I put together my first sketches. I did a quick look-up on what Thoth represented; consensus seemed to be that Thoth was the god of writing and knowledge, his consult being highly valued. He was present as the human heart was weighed by Anubis, to declare whether the human was worthy for afterlife. I found a couple of resources that listed him as being in charge of "maintaining the universe." Cool, I've got a start!

 Dead Birds Adore Us - image 2 - student project

Dead Birds Adore Us - image 3 - student project

Forgive the shit sketch -- that's supposed to be a brain in his hand. I know he was present for the weighing of the heart, but as Thoth is perceived as the god of knowledge, writing and the universe, it seemed appropriate to me that he would consider the brain instead. I liked the idea. I'm preferring the one on the right so far, with the sun... hat... thing -- and the flatter, more 2-dimensional layout. 

For sake of abandoning the Thoth idea and sketching stuff out, I also produced this one of two Hazmat-suited people rejoicing upon a mountain/trashpile, in front of a godly all-seeing Eye: 

Dead Birds Adore Us - image 4 - student project

The sketch doesn't do it much justice -- the way I imagine it in my head, the focus is on the 2 suited men, whereas the eye is less discernible (but clear) in the background... maybe the men and mountain can be in dark black/browns, with the eye in, say, pink over an orange background or something. Warm colors, super saturated, flat.

Hmm... maybe more like this. Not as flat. 

Dead Birds Adore Us - image 5 - student project

That's all I've got for the first lesson -- I figure I'll nail out the idea further with my 2nd refined sketch. Do you fellow students have any preferences? I'll try to provide some feedback on your projects in the next few days, too!