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Rebecca Hume

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DeaFuture Innovations

                                                   Deaf and living in a hearing world 

“People are therefore disabled by the society they live in, not directly by their impairment” Graham Pullin- Author of Design Meets Disability.

While studying a Masters in Multidisciplinary Design, I am designing and aiming to manufacture a product tailored for those living with deafness.

My attention has been drawn to the divide among hearing and deaf communities and I am passionate about highlighting the need for change. My goal is to educate people on the topic of deafness while providing 24hr access to a fully functional communication device. 

It is obivious that design for those who are deaf or hard of hearing has been neglected meanwhile other technologies around us soar. This is were my project steps in. Being inspired by the likes of Google Glass, Leap Motion and Kiwi Move I want to challenge their concepts and look at how these can be altered or adjusted to be fully accessible by all.

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