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Chad DeWilde

Designer and Founder of the Wilde Co.



DeWilde // Dirty Dutch Dairy Farmers

Both sides of my family came over on the Oregon Trail. Not together, although that would be a helluva story...They made the journey complete with dysentery, cholera, and limited to 2000 lbs of Buffalo meat (those of you over 30 will find that clever). The DeWilde's are full blooded Oregonians, but I wanted to go back a little further, back to the motherland.

The DeWilde's hail from Holland, I have had countless conversations with Gramps about running around windmills in tulip fields wearing wooden shoes...seriously. Just like the movie Heidi (probably another reference for the over 30 crowd). Basically this is what I have pictured my whole life...

The name DeWilde basically means wild, ill-tempered savages. We were dairy farmers back in the motherland and dairy farmers in Oregon. My father grew up on a dairy farm, my dad's dad, my dad's dad's get the idea. It goes back a ways.

Iconic imagery:

Windmills  /  tulips  /  wooden shoes  /  cow udders  /  milk bucket  /  milk jug


- Something the gang would always say was "he/she/you don't know siccum", I have said it for years and had no idea what it meant, pretty sure most the DeWilde clan has no idea. After listening to this, I found out the origin. The phrase came from the term "He doesn't know come here from sic 'em" usually in reference to a dog, so basically we are saying someone is dumber than a dog. What is cool about that phrase is that it is used primarily in the Pacific Northwest which ties to our Oregon roots.


- the flag is red, white, and blue…not very unique…buuuuut, turns out the original color of the flag was orange, white, and blue. So just like the DDC, we are going orange.

This is where we are at right now...Cow boobs, wooden shoes, windmills, and the squarish state of Oregon...what more could you need. Feedback is always welcome.

Hoping to wrap the design up this week, add some color, and throw it on shirt. Looking forward to checking out how everyone else's is coming along. Thanks for the fun project Aaron!


Could be a pretty badass looking chest tattoo...or back tat for that matter...Sons of Anarchy style. Thanks again Aaron! Let me know if you want the artwork for this, or I could just forward it on to your favorite tattoo artist...



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