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Erica Mincey

Freelance Graphic Designer



DeLane Creative Branding Project

Deliverable #1 : Moodboard


Moodboard of my perfect customerJohnny/Jane is in his/her 20s-40s. He/She has just started their own business or is a main decision make for the brand. He/She needs a full brand identity. He/She knows what direction they want to take the brand, but are very open to suggestions from their hired designer. He/She likes timeless logos that seperate them from their competition. 

Brand Questionnaire

  1. What do I sell? Timeless, unique, small business brand identities.
  2. What is the price range of my projects? $75-$150
  3. What 3 words best describe me? 1. Creative 2. Funny 3. Considerate
  4. What 3 words best my business? 1. Dependable 2. Affordable 3. ???
  5. What 3 words describe my style? 1. Minimal 2. Timeless 3. Genuine
  6. What are my favorite brands and why? 1. Nike, b/c they are innovative, relevant, classic and design focused. 2. Papermate InkJoy, b/c they make my favorite smooth writing pens. 3. Herschel Supply Co, b/c they make beautiful, functional accessories that last. 
  7. What's my customer's emotional response to my brand and brand experience? Happy, satisfied, intrigued
  8. Where do I currently sell my services? Portfolio
  9. Where would I like to sell in the future? My own studio
  10. Where do I see my business in... 1 Year: Making a profit with identity work. 5 Years: Adding additonal people to business. Living full-time with money made from business. 10 Years: Managing my own design studio
  11. Who is my ideal customer/client? Above
  12. What is my brand name? DeLane Creative

Brand Name: DeLane Creative

Mission Statement: DeLane Creative's mission is to help small business define their services and products with unique and timeless brand identities. 

Logo Design Brief

  • Brand Name: DeLane Creative
  • What I do/sell: create unique, timeless brand idenities for small businesses
  • How do I position myseld in the market in terms of pricing: somewhere in the middle
  • My target market: small business owners in their 20s-late 30s looking for a simple and clean identity for their brand
  • 3 words that best describe my brand and products: 1. Minimal 2. Timeless 3. Dependable
  • Existing logos that I like and why: DDC, b/c it is simple and timeless. It could have been made during any time in the past. 
  • My competitors: Local design companies that cater to smaller businesses
  • Color preferences: Black, White, and Blue
  • Budget in mind: Limitless (because I'll be designing it)


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