DeAccent - student project

DeAccent is a phonetic alphabet app that helps native English speakers spell words to early English learners when spelling counts using culturally relevant reference words - such as giving a reservation code or spelling an email address. Native English speakers might use "M-as-in-Mary" or "B-as-in-Bravo", but non-English speakers without exposure to women named Mary or upper class applause at the opera might not be able to relate to these words, muchless understand what letters of the alphabet the native English speaker is describing!

I'm in the process of developing culturally and linguistically helpful phonetic alphabets for Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic, and French speakers. Think 'M-as-in-Mohamed' and 'R-as-in-Rajit'!

The initial free version of the app will simply accept a word from the user, then display the word spelled out in the selected Alphabet. Later, and paid, versions will include voice-over actors speaking each letter and corresponding reference word.