De La Memoire - Update

De La Memoire - Update - student project

A Little Background Story: I know I said Phase 3 was on its way and it was...until the name and overall direction of the blog had changed. However, the purpose of this course is to practice my hand-lettering and develop that into a well crafted label, which I intend to complete. So in order to keep the momentum going, I will continue to use "De La Memorie" as my logo but I will transform it into a French wine label for next phase. Hope you like it!

Phase 2

I love everything about the hand-written type from my inspiration board and after studying the typographic style I tried finding a way to incorporate these in each of my sketches before drawing the final logo. I'm pretty positive I know which one she'll pick but stay tuned for Phase 3! 

De La Memoire - Update - image 1 - student project

Phase 1

My best friend of 15 years is an aspiring writer with a passion for all things Parisan, traveling, beauty, and style. As her loyal friend (and favorite designer) I'm happy to help in creating the perfect look and feel for her future blog, "De La Memoire."

Below is my inspiration board for the labeling/branding as well as the feeling surronding the blog's overall vibe.

De La Memoire - Update - image 2 - student project

Lauren DeFranza

Interactive Designer