Daytona Beach, FL

Final Design:

Considering comments that I got after uploading my final draft, I finally decided to play off with the font but finally I preferred my original draft. Thanks for all of your wonderful and helpful comments. 




Daytona Beach is already the World's Most Famous Beach!

Daytona Beach not only is self called as "World's most famous beach" but also has a vibrant culture for biking and racing. Bringing thesse all to a branding mission is gonna be a challenging mission.

OK! Here we go. I started from a few sketches but I just forgot to bring them home tonight! So I'll post that later. But following please find a few ideas that I brought to life using Illustrator.

Main concepts that I tried to focus on are:

1- Daytona Beach is a beach city of course!

2- The only beach in east coast that you can drive on the beach :D

3- Racing Culture


I started searching a creating a board for logos relevant to topics like beach, city brands, racing, etc. You can see them here

Then I made my early sketches and as you can see I'm poor in drawing. That's why I usually prefer to use software even for sketching.

Then I started creating my first 5 draft logos for the first assignment.

Idea 1:

Idea 2:

Idea 3:

Idea 4: I tried to resemple chekkerboard pattern on letter "O".

Idea 5:

Eagerly waiting to read your comments.


After reading many useful coments that I got, I felt the need to achive a higher level of abstraction to reflect concepts like speed or even beach and fun that people are supposed to experience in Daytona Beach. So I started developing a mind map and designed a few more sketches based on that.

I'm trying to find a core element to resemble: beach, speed, fun. So far that like this:

Final Draft:


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