Daytime fun time

Daytime fun time - student project

Daytime fun time - image 1 - student projectDaytime fun time - image 2 - student projectBeing as my hair was blonde with purple, green, and pink highlights I wanted to do something fun but not overpowering.  I actually used Sephora and Lorac to complete this look on my shadow.  I used a light fun glittery pink as an accent color for below my brows and in the inside of my eyes.  I then used a darker shade of regular pink to cover my lid.  And then took a medium purple with a hint of glitter in it to cover the outer part of my lid.  Taking the darkest shade of purple that I could I did a slight cateye look bringing it up towards my brows.  I then took a soft brown to blend between the pink under the brown into the purple.  Added some black liquid eyeliner and some Lancome Hypnose mascara and was good to go on the eyes.


Next is my nighttime look.  Very sultry.

Black, grey, and white was all I needed to completely my evening look.  I basicaly did my evening look (which for some reason posted before my daytime look)  White below the brow and inner corner of eye.  Grey on the eyelid. Black in the crease and pulled out and up for cateye look.  Threw on some mascara and was good to go .