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Daytime Eye & Sultry Nighttime Eye ~ Katrina D.!!

Since I was a young girl, my passion was makeup.  I loved playing with my mom's makeup and using different colors of eyeshadow, eyeliners and lipsticks.  Now as an adult, I have the same passion for makeup.  The difference is, it's my own makeup and I can buy whatever colors of eyeshadow, liner, and liptstick I want!!  

Here is a picture of me without makeup... The winter is finally over and I am in desperate need of a tan!!! OMG!

The daytime look I chose is something I do on a daily basis.  Instead of browns, I used pinks & purples. 

I couldn't decide which pictures to choose from so I put them all on.

Below is my Daytime Eyes look!!!

With my nighttime sultry look, I went with two different lip colors - light and dark - I chose a pink and a nude color. 

Below is my nigthtime look!!!

I always am looking for ways to better myself so feel free to leave makeup comments, tips and feedback!

~Katrina D.


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