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Days of Glory - student project

Update 2

Days of Glory - image 1 - student project

Days of Glory - image 2 - student project

Days of Glory - image 3 - student project

I followed Chris's advice and kept going with Days and Glory. Moreover, over our last discussion in the comments below, he proposed to try and play with old photos and typography to get something original and different from the faces used in the previous versions.

Then I looked for an amount of old photos from various cities and I wanted to give a try to TOKYO as I found it as visually appealing ( the word ) as it is a mystery for us, occidental people. 

I  have cut out different photos of buildings, temples, houses, etc...and mixed them in an abstract way : transformations, scaling, iterative duplications, symmetry etc...Moreover I used a few iconic japanese elements like the Cherry Blossom's, The Great Wave off Kanagawa, etc...

As for colours, this is a first try using pink from cherry blossoms and a bright vivid background colour ( the shirt )

here are some of the used materials for this quite advanced sketch

Days of Glory - image 4 - student project

Update 1

Hello everyone,


Last year I started to design some shirts following the reading of the excellent "Thread's not dead" by Jeff Finley. That's how I got to create "Days of Glory" which is the name I finally got to work with.


Hey Chris, if you happen to read this :  I'm really torn apart between doing something for Johnny Cupcakes in my own style or working on my own brand as I really want to get  the chance to collaborate with Johnny Cupcakes someday and it's a good chance to train so if you think I should try on Johnny instead of Days Of Glory, I'm really willing to go that way too as the fun is much more into the process / product / learning than into getting my brand ideas further here.

Why this name and what's my brand about ? 

Days Of Glory is mainly about using old stock photos from the likes of Flickr Commons to create brand new graphic designs. Theses photos are for most of them really really old and are the product of true photography pioneers and I'm convinced that most of them with stay at the bottom of the website if we don't use them. 

You could think it's a bit odd to use pictures from people who happen to be dead today but on the other side I'm seeing it more like a kind of homage to those people and  those pioneers while getting a chance to bring them to the front of the stage. It's a shame that most people won't get to discover some of those awesome photos in a way or another and if they don't come to these photos I'll make sure the photos come at them.

I thought about printing their background story somewhere in the shirt, or stiching them on a label attached to the shirt so that the background story behind the picture, the photographer or the man standing on the shirt keeps on being revealed  to the outside world. 

The way I see it, the brand could easily be divided in several sub-genres / branches which would be "abstract / anonymous / stars"

Each one would stand for what's being depicted on them : 

  • Absract is what I'm more into these days : the abiliy to use a basic pattern or shape, duplicate it, change its size and position and  then iterate.  It can get you to interesting stuff like this thing I did yesterday : and that's a track I want to push further.
  • Star would be about music and movie stars from the old days who would get on a shirt as well.
  • Anonymous for the others

Exemples of my previous designs

Some of them can already be bought on but I didn't put them all there.

Henry Daubrez Castaño

Art director

Exemples of my previous designs

Days of Glory - image 5 - student project

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