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Days I Spent Watching the Rising Sun

I saw this class on Skillshare a week before my trip to Osaka, Japan. I thought it would be the perfect time to make the most out of my trip and capture things from a different perspective through this class. 

Aerial Shot. 

This is actually an old photo of mine from my last trip to Japan (not sure if this is cheating or not, haha, sorry!). I couldn't manage to take a good aerial shot this trip so I went back to an old picture I took of Osaka from the Umeda Sky Building. I tried my best to process this picture to match the entire set by bringing out the colors, fading it slightly, and adding a bit of a cool tint. 


Option 2 (because I'd like input on this as well!)


Off the beaten path.

I took this somewhere along the way to Arashiyama bridge. My mom and sister decided to buy some souvenirs and I took the extra time to go into a side street and look for something interesting to take a picture of. I found this large bush growing right under a pipe and I thought it looked somewhat magical. I like how this picture mixes the organic and colorful bush with the industrial look of the gray buildings and pipes. After reflecting on the idea, I feel like it's a good metaphor for the Japanese aesthetic/culture. 


Option 2 (because I'd like input on this as well!)

This one I took in Gion during a walking tour me and my family attended. We ended the tour near the main theatre (I forget the name) and I snapped this picture just as the light in the sky started to fade. The blue in the sky was still vivid so it contrasted well with the orange glow that came from the houses that just opened their lights.



Signs of Life.

I took this picture in Osaka Aquarium. It was really crowded (especially near the glass displays) so I was pretty lucky that people cleared out right when I took this picture. There were so many children in the aquarium and they were easily excited by everything on display (in fairness to them though, the aquarium was pretty amazing). I saw this little girl coming and waited just until she paused in the center of my frame.


Middle of the Road.

I took this picture in Kibune Town. To be honest, I actually don't know what shrine this is but the composition was too good to pass up. The contrasting colors, the lines, the light and the angle made for a really good "middle-of-the-road" shot. 


Post-card Shot. 

This one was a tough one. Since I was based in Osaka, I already planned to have the post-card shot in the famous Ebisu bridge. I googled pictures of the bridge to see the shots that were already done and I tried to think of a new perspective. I noticed that the lanterns that were lined up along the side of the bridge would light up at night. I found a nice contrast in the traditional lanterns and the bright neon lights of Ebisu bridge. I took this shot late at night (around 11pm) on the way home to my apartment in Americamura. I was walking on a bridge parallel to Ebisu and took advantage of how well the bright lights reflected on the water. 


Post-project Thoughts.

I really enjoyed the project, especially having a structured set of pictures of the follow. I think the hardest thing about it was processing it to make it look like a set. The pictures are so different to me (in terms of the time I took them, the color of the lighting, and the general feel I want to get from the picture) so they still look like individual pictures rather than a set. Tips on this, please! :)


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