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Days 1-2


Today I noticed that I went the whole day without eating anything.  It was very unusual for me, seeing as consuming food is one of my favorite ways to pass the time.  The hours of the day passed by without me noticing my growing hunger, I suppose it was because I stayed fairly busy. 

When I left my house to go to the vape shop, a young couple flagged me down and asked if I could help them jump their car.  Luckily, they had a set of jumper cables, so I felt obliged to offer any help I could.  I backed my car up in the street and pulled over so our batteries would be close enough together to perform the task.  I got of the car and popped my hood, and the lady connected the cables.  All I had left to do was start my own car, but there was one big problem… I lost my keys.  The three of us all spent a few minutes looking for them, and eventually I found them.  They were in the ignition, which was pretty embarrassing.

After the couple was taken care of, I continued on to the vape shop.  I was a little out of my groove at this point, but happy to be there picking out my new juice flavors.  Once I found a couple bottles that I enjoyed, I took them to the register.  The clerk told me my total, and I reached into my pocket and discovered I didn’t bring my wallet with me.  Frustrated, I explained the situation and promised to be back soon for the juices.

Once outside, I decided to leave my car there and walk home, since my house was close by and I didn’t feel like dealing with all the one-way streets more than once.  The sun was out and the air was cool, so I thought the walk would help me clear my head.  It only took me a few minutes to get home, and only a few more seconds to grab my wallet and head back out. 

As soon as I was back outside, the skies opened up and rain started pouring down on me.  I was about to head back inside and call it a day, but I couldn’t just leave my car at the vape shop overnight, so I kept walking in the rain.  Eventually I made it to the shop, bought my product, and drove home soaking wet.

It was quite a day, and this series of events through me off a lot.  So much so that I forgot to eat all day long.


Today I noticed I seriously need to go grocery shopping.  Usually I will poke around in the kitchen and try to find a couple main ingredients, then get online and search for recipes that use those main recipes.  I’m almost always missing a few additional ingredients that the recipe calls for, but I’ll experiment with substituting things that I do have. 

Tonight for dinner the main ingredients I found lying around were frozen fish filets and potatoes.  For the potatoes, I figured I would just bake them with whatever veggies I could find in the fridge.  I chopped up the potatoes, an onion, some celery, and an orange bell pepper, and threw them all in a baking dish.  After that I drizzled olive oil it, sprinkled some garlic salt and pepper on it, and threw it in the oven.

The hard part was the fish filets.  I’m not a huge fan of fish in the first place, which is probably why it was the last thing I had in the freezer.  Regardless, I had no choice at this point.  I found a recipe for beer-battered fish that looked good, and started the search for everything I might be able to sub in.

First ingredient on the list… beer.  I don’t drink, so I didn’t have any beer.  I also had nothing to sub in its place.  The answer?  I just decided to fry the fish without it.  Basically, instead of using a batter, I instead opted for my method of dipping the fish in egg and then covering it with almond flour (since I had no regular flour either).  So long story short, the only thing I really used in the recipe was the fish…

The fish ended up tasting pretty good, but the point is, I just don’t have any food in the fridge right now.  If I am honest with myself, I have seen this coming for a few days now.  Every time I go to get in the car though, I’m just hit with this feeling that tells me to put it off another day.  Tomorrow is the final straw though if I want to continue surviving on reasonably healthy food.

After my fish and potatoes dinner, I was still feeling kind of hungry.  I’m not happy to admit this, but I went to my favorite local donut shop and ate… SEVEN DONUTS.


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