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Marie Boivin-Moffet

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Hello everyone, I'm new to this community and This is my first attempted at lettering!

I didn't want to use my name, because I wasn't really inspired by it. So I decided to use the word "Daydreaming" because, I thought it represented me very well. I have been wondering what my life should, could and would be, and I'm always hoping for a better world, a better version of myself, of my life. I want to get better, to improve my way of living and learn from others.

I have to admit that I didnt sketch a lot. I tried with a brush pen, but I wasn't happy with the results.
So here's my first try with the word " Daydreaming":


After that I decided that I would work on it on Illustrator. Here's my progress:


I have spent almost 4 hours on it trying to find the best way to incorporate the wings to the word, and I have changed the position of the "since 1995", the shape of the D and the actual wings. Here is the final results:


Finally, I put it on a nice background I did with brushes I downloaded on the Internet and changed the color.


Don't be shy and tell me what you think about my lettering. I know it's rough, but it's my first real attemped on lettering and I am kinda proud of it :) I hope to get better with time and A LOT of practice! 


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