Daydream - student project

I knew from the start I wanted to do something with the word "quiet". Being a calm person myself, I really like staying up late and enjoy the quietness of the night. This is something I knew beforehand I would like to use in my illustration. 

Daydream - image 1 - student project

When I was making a wordlist, tea was one of the first thing I came up with. I find it calming and relaxing, something that suits 'quiet' perfectly imo. When enjoying a cup of tea, I tend to daydream and start thinking about road trips, vacations, etc.

With these 3 things in mind I started sketching and puzzling those things together, which led me to the concept below. A cup of tea with the smoke creating somekind of dreamy shape with inside of it an abandoned landscape during the night.

if you have any thoughts, feel free to tell me. I appreciate any feedback, good or bad!


Daydream - image 2 - student project