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Daydream Believer

In my elementary years, I didn't care much for music that wasn't from a Disney movie or 90s sitcom, so most of the music knowledge I retain from those years came from what my parents listened to. Every Saturday when my mom cleaned the house it was either Duran Duran, Supertramp, Abba, or the Monkees on the stereo. I can still recite the lyrics on those albums to this day. When I was looking for inspiration, I took note of the 60s music my mom carried well into the 90s, and type-wise I love the morphing, organic letters those blobs took. Below is my mood board of the albums I recall and some similar examples of that era in type.

I chose "Daydream Believer" as my phrase, because of the 60s era in which the band The Monkees was so popular. Also, for my mother who is a huge Davy Jones fan. After some initial sketches (I posted a few below), I pulled them into Illustrator to start making some funky blobs. Also, when I get sidetracked I draw swirly things.

Update 1: I have some basic forms in place. I found out that using blobs/swirls I liked to make other letters worked better than building them from scratch, so that make my workflow a lot faster. Still unsure about what I'm doing with the B and d, but I like where I ended.

Update 2: Smoothed things out, worked on the B and d, added a few extra flourishes, and worked on the balance. I tend to work back and forth between digital and analog, so once I hit a wall on the computer, I printed out the sketch and drew all over it. Hopefully I'll be finishing up those curves and adding some fun colors on this soon.

Update 3: Smoothed things out further, finally worked out my B and made some connections. I could sit and make tiny tweaks all day, but I had to stop myself and add some color. Will be doing more edits on color soon, but for purposes of progress, here is a version with some color to it.

Update 4: This was on a bit of a hiatus cause I found myself a little stuck. I got where I wanted to be with the letterforms, but I always seem to come up short at text effects. I added the above color just to see if it would inspire me, but truthfully it didn't. I was playing around with several different techniques today and fell in love with some accidental painting I did. I picked it up and ran with it, and here is my final! Please let me know what you think, any feedback is welcome! Thanks!

Update 5: Played around with contrast and depth because the last one felt a little too flat. Maybe this one is my final final :)


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