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Day vs. Night- Summer hues

Project 1-- I used a combination of pinks and whites, with a magenta on the corners to make her eyes really pop!  I also contoured with a peachy hue and used a highlighter that had a subtle shimmer in it.  Lastly, I used a lip combination of a mauve liner and a bubblegum pink gloss to give her that summery sheen!

Project 2-  I used a combination of dark plums, coppers, and whites to create a summery 'night-time' smokey eye, using the darkest purple on the corners and crease, a rich copper to blend in the center, ending with a very light gold for the inner eye/under eye-- something a little more colorful than your usual black/grey/silver smokey eyes.  I contoured/highlighted again with products containing some shimmer as opposed to an entirely matte product, and used a fun and bright appricot lipstick to top it off!


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