Day to Night

Day to Night - student project

Day to Night - image 1 - student projectI started by priming the eyelid with Urban Decay's Eye shadow Primer Potion.  I applied a hazelnut eye shadow color to the crease and along the lower lash line.  A little trick I use is to have my eyes open when applying shadow to my crease.  I used a clean fluffy brush to blend the color out and added more color to create a gradient of color.  The final tough was a pink shimmer right at the center of the eye.  I followed with mascara and lip gloss, and was good to go. 

Day to Night - image 2 - student project

To bring the look to night, I placed a shimmer shadow (Mac shadow in All that Glitters) all over the eyelid.  I defined the crease with a dark brown shadow, and created the "pac man," or "outer V," with a dark charcoal color.  Lastly, to make my lashes stand out, I used faux lashes complete the look.  I tied my hair back and kept my lips nude to keep all the attention on my eyes!