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Day one. Take off.

Day One

Today I noticed how much that I allow to go unnoticed in my life. I am on a kind of auto-pilot that will one day crash hard and I'll be standing in a debri field of regret. Surrounding me will be fragments of relationships and unrecognized bits of failed attempts intended to change it all.

From what altitude might I plummit is anyones guess, but I suspect my orbit will not be very impressive. Maybe aiming a little higher would improve my point of view and allow better sight lines to hopefully notice what's on my horizon.

Day Two

Today I noticed that we all behave like children. Except children that is. Adults can act like sissy babies and children can surprise us with their unexpected maturity. For example, adult children can still leave the toilet seat up while youngsters can offer to make you a sandwihch that they don't realize is horrible. Somewhere along the way our good intentions distort into appetites that may be left unsatisfied. To which I say just grow up.

Day Three

Today I noticed that music can transform us to a different place and time. Discovering an old cherished selection on Spotify makes me feel suddenly less old. It's the realization that My music is in the same digital record bin as whatever is current.

I began sharing specific songs with my young adult son and each tune had a story to tell. As if a colorful label adhered the melody to a memory that we shared. I paused mid tune to catch my breath from laughing or I'd stop if a painful memory surfaced.


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