Day into Night

Day into Night - student project

Day into Night - image 1 - student projectDay into Night - image 2 - student project

I used liquid fndtn. followed by a setting sprays and powder here.  As I am very oily, I do prefer airbrush; my next class I hope!  To create my colorful daytime look I used a lighter Green as my lid color with a bright Yellow applied to the very middle lower lid; for depth I blended rich Lilac, Fuschia & Purple into my crease area.  Underneath the brow I applied some eyehadow primer 1st then applied a flat White color to the brow line.  I also used the flat White in my tear duct area.  Lined my eyes lightly on the upper lid with Black liquid eyeliner. For the lower eyelining I used pressed powders in Hot Chocolate & Hazelnut and applied to the middle point  & back to the outer corner of my lash line.  I also used these same pressed powders to strengthen my eyebrows.  I lined my entire lash line in a White eyeliner Pencil to give it a more daytime look. Applied wing eyelashes (#305) for a distinctive day look. For blush I lightly applied a pale rosey color for glow.  For my lips, after moisturizing them with Embryolisse, I used a Mocha colored lip liner and a shimmery lip gloss; TIP: Never snack without checking your lips before a photo opt!  LOL!  Anyway I was anxious to blend these colors (on my eyes) and like the results.  

To convert my look to evening I wanted to add shimmer.  In the crease I applied a Millenium Blue to the outer 3rd corner of upper & lower lids followed with a darker blue above the crease; blending, blending, blending to difuse the previous purple hue.  Over the lid colors I applied a metallic golden/olive like color to dramatize & take over the eye.  Blending to balance.  Of course the eyelashes needed to step it up in Mink DollMeUps.  Large; yes, but very eye-catching.  Although Bronzer was used in the daytime look, not much needed to be added for the evening look, (one must be careful with bronzer)!  For blush I stepped it up a notch; by making sure my contouring was still balanced and went in with a deeper purple hued blush.  For my lips I bumped them up with a Fuschia Fire colored lipstick followed by a beaufiful golden/olive lipstick into the middle pout area of my upper and lower lips.  Blending for eveness!  Applied face powder to blend the old with the new and Look out night time here I come!






Day into Night - image 3 - student project

Day into Night - image 4 - student project

Day into Night - image 5 - student project