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Day in the life of Jen

1. Here is my orignal list of daily tasks in (mostly) chornological order. 

I then went through and narrowed my tasks down to this list: 

  1. Hit Snooze (x2)
  2. Check iPhone 
  3. Shower
  4. Feed Cat
  5. Prepare Coffee 
  6. Walk to Subway
  7. Commute to Work
  8. Have Breakfast
  9. Check Email
  10. Design Work
  11. Lunch
  12. Walk to Train
  13. Commute Home
  14. Read on Train
  15. Check Mail
  16. Pet Cat
  17. Eat Dinner
  18. Watch TV
  19. Knit
  20. Sleep

In narrowing down this list, I gravitated toward those tasks that were both essential and seemed to be more visual. I've been using The Noun Project for some time now (big fan!), so I'm excited to come up with my own icons. 


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