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Day in the Life of 1900s Chicago

Hi all,

I'm a little late to this class. But definitely want to get up to speed because I know how helpful it is to get feedback from everyone in the class and see what others are doing. 

My scene is a day in the life of 1900s Chicago, with an old "L" train being one of the main focal points. However, I hope that it's sort of a scene that you can get lost in by looking at all of the interesting details. 

For inspiration, I'm looking at Chris Ware - who is more hand-illustration. But love how he can turn a city scene into something you just want to enter.


And also looking at Ryan Putnam's work as inspiration for his 1-dimensional & geometric forms:

For my own, I've looked at various photographs on Google & such for reference. Here is a rough sketch. I have notes about references for detais. A lot of the building & window details I will do in Illustrator. 

The perspective is straight on. I'm still new to Illustration that taking on a 1 or 2 point perspective is a bit intimidating to me. Thoughts on this?

Finally, I am toying with this being at night? Though, I'm not sure because there are some details that could be hard to convey that way. Perhaps more of a day time and play with shadows under the L platform.

Can't wait to flesh this out more!



Hi all,

I've started blocking out in Illustrator. None of these colors are final. Just helps to distingish between forms. I really could use some advice & feedback on proportions. I'm using this Chris Ware illustration as a main reference - both for night colors, but also for the entire composition. 

And here's my intial block

Everything in the foreground (all the actual street activity) should be larger. But it's hard to gauge how small the buildings should be. I have 2 "layers" for the buildings, like Ware's.

Thoughts? Any help would be appreciated.



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