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Day and Night looks

Detail of my smoky eyes. Blue dark look

Detail of eyes closed.

Close up of eye. I like to emark the eyes with the help of the eyebrows.

Detail to appreciate shadows in eyes.

This is my night look. I went for smoky eyes in blue. I tend not to wear lots of make up so  my night look is very soft too. I used light blue, cobalt and black in the edges of the eyes. The kohl is stronger and thicker this time. I also applied insiede of my eyes to give them a most misterious look. Eyebrows are once again done to dramatice the look. I applied a bit of black kohl on them.

Here is my day look. Really soft and smooth difficult to appreciate eyes have some shadows. I marked my eyebrows to get a bit of a dramatic effect. Hair still needs to be done but thought to focus attention in the make up so hair is out of view. I used  mineral make up to cover the face and give it a bit of light. Still lookiing tired (really late night yesterday) but bit better than before.

Here is a close up of the eyes. I naturally have brownish shadows in my eyes so barely can be seen I applied any shadow (ultranatural look). I applied white, light brown and moka.. Then diffuse it to the edges of the eyes to open then and a bit of black eyeliner on the top. At the botton I used white eyeliner to give more light to eyes and open them a bit more.

First photo. Clean face, looking tired and surely hair needs to have a bit of live too ;-)


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