Suzanne Verras

Student with a quarterlife crisis making art.



Day One to Five + 30 more to go!


Hi, my name is Suzanne and I'm a 25 y/o student. I made a lot of drawings when I was a kid and I'm trying to pick up this hobby again, but have some troubles with it, because I'm busy everyday writing my MA Thesis. I'm looking forward to this class and I'm confident it will help me get back into making more art.

For Day One I randomly picked from my art supplies which consists of pencils, gel pens, brushes and markers. I ended up with a pink Promarker. When I finished the base I used some colored pencils for a tiny bit of shadow and detail and a white gel pen for some highlights. 

Can't wait to start Day Two!


For day two I printed out the prompts and added some of my own. I threw all of them in a bowl and picked one. I ended up with character after which I decided to draw one of my favorite characters teams ups, Mulder and Scully! It turned out okay, but I'm just happy I drew some more today. What I enjoyed most was picking a random subject for my art.


Day 3. I had 3 minutes to make something related to video games. I decided to draw a Playstation 4 controller. First I did the pencil sketch, but I wasn't entirely happy with it so I tried again later. The second drawing was done with 2 markers and some gel pens and it turned out nice I think. 3 minutes seems like not much time at all and it didn't feel like a lot either. Those last 10 seconds, ooh boy! I still liked that even if 3 minutes is not long I managed to make something nice. 

On to day 4!


Day 4, done! I really enjoyed drawing today and I'll probably make some more stuff after I post this. I have this huge window in my one room studio which covers a wall from top to bottom and from left to right. It also has a pretty broad windowsill at floor level in which I can sit to read or in this case make some art. I wrote 'Windowsill' on the fortuneteller paper, as well as some other places, and was secretly hoping I would pick that option. Even though it's a perfect spot to sit and do something while gazing at the people and weather outside, I hardly ever sit there. Well, I got lucky cause I picked "Windowsill".

After this I grabbed a prompt from the bowl: 'Book Titles'. I just started reading Stephen King's Dark Tower series, so I choose: The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger. After this I rolled the dice to give myself a little more of a challenge. I rolled 5. In the end 5 minutes was not enough to make this, but 7 was. After 5 minutes I still had to fill in a little bit of the tower and also the background, so I finished that. It is definitely not the best thing I ever made, but it was fun to do!



So, day 5, the "last" day. I had chosen "city" from my bowl of prompts so I drew a skyline with some nice galaxy background. I actually had a lot of fun making this, because it was the first time I managed to make a skyline that didn't look super wonky. It turned out I just had to take my time.

As a bonus I'm also posting a picture of a card I made for my grandmother. I started it yesterday and finished it today. Normally I don't really draw cutesy pastel things so it was nice change. During this course I actually drew a lot of subjects I don't normally draw, which is great! I wanted to start drawing other things than just faces and girls so I succeeded in that sense. 

Now after drawing I chose a random number from a new bowl with pieces of paper and I got 30! This means a whole month of art making is ahead of me!

I want to thank you Ria for this course, it really helped me kickstart my art practice again. I'm just 5 days in and I can't wait to see how much I have improved in 30 days. I'm going to keep updating this project every day for another month.

See you tomorrow at the 1st day of my 30 day challenge!


First day of my 30 day project. I picked space ships from the magic bowl so I drew this little thing during class and lunch break. It was really nice drawing in the cafeteria of the university. I put some music on and just started. I was afraid people would interrupt me to ask what I was drawing or that they would try to take a peek over my shoulder, but nothing like that happened. It was actually a nice experience so I'm going to do it more often! 


Pfew, made it! I had a very busy day today and hardly had any time to sit down and make some art, but I forced myself to sit down and doodle some flowers for 5 minutes. It's not much, but it's still something.


Another short one today! Made some drawings on the train, just things I saw outside of the window. I was going to pick up my best friend in Rotterdam, cause she is visiting me for the weekend. Didn't have much time to draw something the rest of the day, so this was it. :3


Day 4! A very quick and maybe scary easter thingy! I didn't celebrate, but yeah it's still a thing. My best friend was still over here so I again did not have a lot of time, and when she left I was super tired. Still had some time to make this little thing!


Today I grabbed my wacom tablet and sketched a thingy on pc, it's not finished yet, but I didn't have time to do the complete thing today. I'm not really used to digital drawing just yet so this is going to an interesting experiment.


Now in color! I finished yesterday's sketch for today, day 6. That's not the only thing I'll be doing today. I'm also going to sketch a bit and get some ideas what to draw to celebrate that I have 200+ instagram followers. ^^



Welp, I didn't draw yesterday.. I'm still going to finish this 30 day thing, just with a tiny one day break. I drew some cats today and I'm also still working on some more sketches today to fill up the lack of yesterday! Second set of sketches I made was from horns, making some fantasy sketches for an idea I have. ^^


I didn't have time to upload this yesterday, but I made doodles of a cookie and an alien. I went to a birthday party with lots of cookies, held in a park and I also went to see the film Life (which was awesome!). I drew this at the party with not much light so I'm supprised it turned out half decent. :') Going to test out some cheap watercolor paint I bought and make something with that. ^^


Day 10, time is going fast! I did some experimenting with watercolor again and also used a little bit or markers and white gelpen. The plan was for her to have some clothing with flowy fabric, but the first two strands made her look like some kind of slenderman so I just rolled with it. :') Still turned out not to shabby so I'm more than happy. Don't know what to draw tomorrow just yes, so maybe I'll pick something out of the 'magic bowl'.


Day 11. I didn't pick a prompt from the 'magic bowl', I decided to sketch some stuff from reference first. While searching for images on pinterest I found a mermaid cat and well, I drew one of my own cause it's cute and why not. :')


Day 12. Welp, skipped a day again, cause I felt totally horrible yesterday. I was still tired today, but managed to make some sketches of random people at the university, so that's at least something.


Day 13. Had a day off and finished the horror game Outlast 2. I'm so confused by everything in that game, but I still somehow enjoyed it. Made a Outlast 2 fanart sketch inspired by one of the antagonists, called Val. No idea if that was a woman, man or supernatural being in the end, but he/she/it had a cool twig crown which I liked. I'm going to work this out more tomorrow.


Day. 14 of my 30 day project. Made a messy watercolor Val from Outlast 2 and a whole bunch of sketches from different references. Also tried something different with coloring, mostly grayscale with different color accents. I actually kind of like it!


Day 15, halfway done!
Everything went wrong when drawing this. Fineliner smudged, lines in the wrong places, colored outside the lines, too many freckles.. But when I was done I thought: Woahh, pretty nice! Going to do more of these one accent color pieces.



Day 16 + 17! I started working on bettering my understanding of facial anatomy. I watched a video on YouTube by Audra Auclair - How to get better at drawing Heads + Faces and it had a challenge at the end. For one whole month I have to draw face related stuff and for the first week you have to draw 5 skulls on different angles a day, which I did. I did draw 2 more front facing skulls today to get better at that angle, cause the first one was a little weird. Can't wait to see how much progress I make!


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