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Desirée F.

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Day One: The Magic Nail polish

Hello there!

I'm a 33 mom and pastry chef, so with a kind of busy life and most of the time I'm taking care of my 10 months old baby, or working on my pastry projects. But I always try to find a way to do my little things here and there like this wondefurl course! He opend my mind in such an amazing way that I was able to use on my actual career ( I did graphic design but then changed to french pastry). Different things but with one point in common: deal with criativity!!!!

So to my first project I digged out all kind of possible material that I could use to do my first scketch and I ended up with NAIL POLISH! Yes I have some nail polish which I can't use anymore because of my work so I put them between my pencils, paintbrushes and etc...Luckily it was the chosen material to work with!

I just let my hand play with that little tiny brush that comes with, I draw some lines, made some dots and I tryed to explore all that I was able to do with! I assume that was a little hard but I really enjoyed to see how you can reuse things to others purposes. 


OBS: To work with that you must have the windows opend or you'll end with a terrible headache ;)


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