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Greg Hung

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Day & Night 4k aerials - SE Asia Cambodia Angkor Wat, Myanmar Pagoda & temples

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this is a 30 second preview video I made using my ipad DJI director app. I will eventually make the 4k video on Final Cut pro x

I created an on-line video course using the Phantom 3 professional. I found the Wild Rabbit course on Skillshare and watched it to get some ideas for making my course. I got some inspiration on the flight commentary and planning side of things for their video shoots. I also learned about the different camera techniques.

I went out to the temples of Bagan and attempted to get some birds eye shots and forward and sideway dolly shots of the temples.We rented an e-bike and took a day to scout appropriate sites for the drone. The first day we got to the Shwe San Daw Pagoda someone was flying a drone right over people's heads. Not very courteous, but at least I knew I had a good chance of flying mine the next day. I wish the weather was better this is an aerial photographers paradise. Beautiful scenery and open air to fly thousands of ancient temple.

The challenging shoot was filming the Yangon Shwedagon Pagoda at night. It's always risky flying at night and it took a long time to find the appropriate flying site. We spotted a site across the street from the Shwedagon Pagoda for take off just after sunset.  I was surprised at how decent the night footage is. I would expect it to be more noisy. I made use of the map feature on the DJI pilot app to make flight paths when I lost line of site and the return to home feature to help return to the home point.


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