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Day Hike

Sometimes it's nice to get away from it all. Well, i guess it's always nice to get away from it all. With that said, I decided to rally up some troops and make the most out of a day off work. We headed out of town to a trail that leads to Table Mountain. We spent the day exploring and running around wild and free! I hope this inspires you to go outside and play. Even if you're not that far from home, you can alwasy pretend you are! Round up your troops and hit the trails.


Its always nice to have a solid group of friends who can apreciate being outside and soaking up the sun or getting dirty and wet from the terrain. 


I like how surreal nature can seem at times. When your not around it as much as you wish you were, nature seems to feel unreal. When in all actuality, its the realest thing that you can be apart of. 


There's always plenty of inspring or interesting things to find when you're outdoors and out of your element. This handful of bones makes me think, "I wonder who these belong to? I wonder how this creature met its' fate? I wonder how cool these will look back home on my desk..." 


Hello, my name is Mark Dillon. Thanks for taking the time to read my story. My main inspiration for shooting photos is to tell stories. I want to be able to put you right in the action as if you were there right by my side. Sharing moments that inspire me will hopefully inspire you as well. 

you can follow my adventure via instagram. 

@ markd86 on instagram. 

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