Day 8

Day 8 - student project

Today I noticed that i am going to help people pratice pushing the wheel chair. Today I noticed it chilling out but it should be up little bit warm. I am in a cozy room watching TV and writing this before i leave. Today I noticed that i have to stay up on my feet and realize to communicate more. I am kinda nervous for interview tomorrow but i can do it. I know i am under a little bit stress because my mother mom is in the hosistipal and i don't know how my grandpa is handling it. Today I noticed that there are many reason that i have succeded. Today i know i noticed the postive situtation. Today I noticed it a beatiful outside and i wish i joy it a little bit today. Today I noticed that god will be here with me all day. Today i noticed that there are many reason why i join today. I have a lot of stuff today that i have goals to get done. Today i noticed that i am conquer my goals that i have plan here. So i am ready to started today.