Day 6/30 : Never Ending Sketchbook Challenge <3

Finally realized my projects have not been posting correctly so here's the fixed format! Yay!

A little about myself... I'm 27 and have an associates in Graphic Design although I've been working as a waitress/cook the last three years. My goal this year is to finally turn my art 'hobby' into an actual career.

DAY 1 : Random Free Sketch

I just sort of had fun with this one. I picked two random markers and just started doodling. I figured I would go with the creepy theme since it's Friday the 13th.


DAY 2 : Wild Animals & Things in My Junk Drawer

Second day, instead of choosing just one random thing I picked a second and got "Wild Animals" and "Things in My Junk Drawer". The pill bottle was the thing and I just tried to think of a way wild animals could go with this. I was originally think of doing spiders spilling out like pills, but went with this idea instead since spiders are really insects. After doing the original lining I thought it would have been better to make the snake bigger, at least the thickness of the bottle. I liked the colors and subject matter I ended up going with however.


DAY 3 : 3min Sketch

So I got 3 minutes on my sketch which was a lot harder than I thought! I also randomly chose 'faces' and 'patterns'. I tend to sketch pretty fast... but even minimum I usually need around 10 minutes so this was a real challenge. Keeping in mind that I could work on it later as suggested in class I just pumped out rough ideas with a pencil, not even bothering with trying to make it look finished with markers.


DAY 4 : Daily Sketch.... in a Car?

So yea I got car for my random spot since my hubby tends to drive me to work on days we both need the car so I had a half hour to work with. I decided to fix up day 3's rough sketches. It was fun and really different than my usual spot on the coutch or my desk. I did have to pause for potholes though as you can see it still came out a bit rough. 


DAY 5/30 : Never ending! I'm going to leave my deviantart link to my daily sketches... this was a pretty short class, but it was something I personally REALLY needed. Thank you Ria for sutch a great experience it really gave me the boost I needed to commit to drawing every single day. <3

For day 5 I decided to go with another random prompt and got "Book Title" and "Everyday Object". Since I'm re-reading one of my favorate books, 'American Gods' I decided to do a little tribute to that. It was kind of hard to think of an everyday object... at first I started with a spin on Andy Warhol's artwork, mainly because he was a legendary American artist. The silver dollar was almost an afterthought and connects directly with one of the main characters in the book, Shadow.


DAY 6/30 : Intarsia Dragon

I've been playing with wood working and although I haven't done an intersia piece yet I'm really excited to try it out. I don't have a lot of experience, but I think crafting runs in the family haha. I remember when I was little my grandmother drove around in an RV selling crafts and I've always been drawn to creating beautiful works that I can make a living off of.

Since this class is partially about facing your fears, this always had something to do with mine. I was always afraid that crafts wouldn't sell, that only single moms and retirees did them. That they weren't art and I desperately want to be an artist. 

The main thing however is that big fear brought up right at the end... I really realize now that these were just excuses my mind gave me. They are contradictory since I have an enourmous respect for crafters as it takes a great amout of talent, patience, and experience to create wonderful (and sellable) crafts. The ideas I have would also take a lot of work and I have always been afraid I won't live up to my own expectations for them. 

This is a rough sketch idea for an intarsia design of a dragon. Intarsia is really beautiful and involves cutting out a design and breaking it up then bevelling. The traditional way requires different colored wood to naturally make contrasts. I'm on a budget however and there is nowhere nearby that sells those specific types of wood... but I'm not going to let that stop me! I'm just going to work with what I have and paint the surface for now. At least until I'm skilled enough to afford better material. 



I have been doing a lot of doubles at work lately, but I haven't given up and I have still been sketching every day and posting on istagram! If anyone cares to check it out I'm sonya.lloyd on there. I feel like I have gotten my artistic voice back, the class was short, but you shed light on all those little fears that pile up and wittle away at all of us Ria. This really made a great difference to me. Thank you!


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