Day 4...uninspired (I know, I know...)

DAY 4: I started to make a cootie catcher but most of my "places" are outside the house, and it's a cold night and I'm not going anywhere! Grabbed the kids' markers (I really need to haul out some other artmaking tools) and plopped down on the living room sofa. The prompt was (drumroll please) "flowers" -- so I did what I could from memory with a limited palette. How did it feel? Like wishing.


DAY 3: 5 minutes, "Imaginary Creatures" prompt, 2-ended marker. I *may* have been influenced by today's Bowie soundtrack. How did this feel? Fine, I'm always up for doodling creatures with too many arms and legs and eyes. And slightly sad - again, the Bowie soundtrack...


DAY 2: The randomly chosen prompt was "My Favorite Things." As it happens, my husband took a photo of my kids today, piled into a chair and reading library books. E. and A. are my favorite things, and books are *their* favorite things. So there you go. Drawing implement was a blue marker. My favorite part of this assignment was getting over myself and drawing. It's a terrible drawing in that it doesn't look anything like them and I didnt want that blue blob on the chair, but it has charm.


DAY 1: On Day 1, I grabbed a mini rubber stamp in the shape of an acorn, and several sadly dried-out stamp pads. Not thrilled with my surprise media, but it was, as Ria promised, fun to just make marks on the page.

My friend Julie and I are doing this class together, though we live a long way apart. Looking forward to it. Cheers :)



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