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Hilary Milne




Day 3 You have just 6 minutes...

I have always been frustrated by not believing I am an "artist" or even that I have - as my friends tell me - any special creative skill at all. I doodle. Most of my work I feel is worthless, and it is a rare day when I make something of which I am proud, and yet I can't stop doodling. I love colour and get a real buzz from putting colour schemes together.

I have already taken a couple of classes on Skillshare, and my aim is to build up my confidence and self belief as well as increase whatever skills I have to make a greater percentage of pieces of which I am proud.

My current passion is for surface graphic design, but I am totally self taught. I was "accademic" at school so I studied sciences and was never encouraged in art by teachers, only by my mother.

I think that creating each day on this course will be good discipline.


Day 2 - What to make?

Yuck. I picked our odds and ends (junk) drawer. There was no getting away from it. I had to draw something that actually looked like an object. No more doodling flowers that can be totally imaginary, and generic. This was hard for me, but at least most of the objects were cylindrical, so it made me practice ellipses. They are not brilliant, but I guess you can tell what they are, although I have labelled them, just in case! I had intended to randomly pick my art tool,but I picked a stiplebrush and no way was I going to be able to use that for these items,so I opted for a soft pencil!


Day 3 - I have no time, but I have 6 minutes

Flipping heck. That's no time at all. Grabbed some water colour markers and picked Words that inspire. Family, Love and Colour came to mind, but I didn't have time for more than one, so Colour it was... I am not mad about it, but at least I managed the exercise, in the randomly allotted time!


Of course, since I am inspired by the word "colour", I couldn't help myself, but carried on ddodling. When I took an art class about 15 years ago, the teacher showed us how to flick out colours when shading. I have been flicking away ever since. I also love dots. Now I like what I have done, so that's a result!



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