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Day 3 - Using the dice/timer and the magic ideas box!


I added a few prompts of my own to Ria's page for Day 3, one of which is "Funny Sounding Words".  When I sat down to do my project I thought in my head "I hope I get the funny sounding words one... I really feel like doing those at the moment".  I immediately started to rummage in my ideas box and amazingly, out of all the bits of paper I could have chosen, that's the one I picked!!  It felt a little weird but this week has been a bit like that (lots of serendipitous things happening) so I decided to just go with it.  It took a while to get started as I found I had a complete mental blank.  I love words and normally have a rich supply at my disposal but for some reason when it came to the crunch I couldn't think of any.  Thus I don't have many words to show for my seven minutes' drawing time (courtesy of the online dice that Ria so kindly suggested - I rolled 2 dice but only because I didn't know you could change it to 1!).  Since seeing Henry's first project I have been dying to use my coloured Sharpies so that's what I picked for this project.

Anyhow, once I'd finished my words I started to feel a bit guilty - I'd kind of black magicked the prompt out of the box and it wasn't really playing the game. Not to mention that it was right in my comfort zone.  So I deliberately made my mind blank and reached in again. This time I got... houses.  Oh no!  Blah!  :-( I thought of swapping it out for something else, but then I smacked myself upside the head and got to work.  Using the coloured Sharpies again I decided to sketch the houses I can see from the balcony of my office where I'm currently sitting - it looks out across the bay onto a hill covered in highrise apartments. My online dice generator gave me 11 minutes this time.  I can't say I'm delighted with the result.  Being under pressure like that put me in panic mode and I don't think I did a very good job of my drawing.  But it is what it is... and as Ria says, the only way to get better is to do it!  So here it is. :-)



I decided to take the option of drawing what was in front of me using the first pencil I grabbed out of the tin.  Oh yuck!  Little did I know I would end up like a monkey trying to draw with a banana.  (Sure I could have stopped to sharpen the pencil but I was on a roll and didn't want to keep the muse waiting.  If I overthink these things it all turns to crap.)  So here is my picture complete with smudges.  Not my best work but I kind of enjoyed letting myself not be perfect!  I think I'll get a lot more done this way... :-)



The only free time I had today was when I arrived half an hour early for a meeting.  As I sat in the waiting room I rummaged around in my handbag and found a notebook and a highligher pen.  My notebook is made of grid paper so at first I found myself just making pictures by colouring in squares - borrrring.  It was only when I ignored the grids and went outside the lines that I made something I really liked!  A hint from the Universe perhaps? :-)



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