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Day 26: Stare Blankly | 30-Day Creative Self Portraits

In between strong feelings, such as happiness, sadness, or anger, it seems that there are still many subtle emotions can be shown on our faces. This uncertainty seems to leave room for us to imagine what's the story behind a photo. If the people in this photo wasn't me, I would be kind of curious about what he is thinking.

Day 25: Face to Face


Very interesting that I see myself in this way. It just like I am watching a movie and this is one scene of it. Being a little confused about which side is the mirror side, if I don't take a look at this photo seriously.

Day 24: A Quiet Place for My Mind


I always love to spend my time at my balcony, especially in the morning. At there I can keep the peaceful feeling after I wake up and let it become a blessing for the rest of a day. I adjust the transparency to overlap different photos. Because I want to express that the time I spend there is lively and flowing. It collects many enjoyable time slices and make itself become the favorite place I love.

Day 23: Old Style Lighting


Taking this photo in my living room. I love industrial loft style things, and the light at the ceiling is in this style. So I want to make it into the final photo while its light can brighten my face. It seems that yellow light is very dramatic and emotional comparing to white light.

Day 22: Skylight


Love the way how the light penetrate the hole made my hand, just like the sunlight go into the dark.

Day 21: Bath Only A Half



"This is a man who only bath one half of his body in one day".

PS. I wish I could make bubble more, but it is really hard to make bubbles by the personal hygiene I have.

Day 20: After Hunting


My friend took this photo for me in a cave where is the aborigines live in our country long time ago. On that day we were hiking in a mountain. I found that I am also more relaxed inside other people's camera and feel at ease to play with it. I don't have to make formal smiles any more. So I choose this photo for my Day 20, because my friend smiled big when I play with this cardboard cut-out!11c23475



"This is a story about how a kind man becomes a vampire after the sun has been destroyed." 

The objects I play with are floss sticks. The first idea I have thought about is that they look like bows. Then I thought that I could make them more related to me. So they became a smile mask. The final one is the vampire. I find it is a little hard to play a vampire, because my mouth will keep watering if I try to select a good angle to shot for too long.

Day 18EX: Mirror Plant




I really love the idea in "Day 18": Put yourself in the mirror at the place you feel comfortable. So I extend it by doing this artwork. It is a plant of mirror. My balcony is the place I love most, so I think if I can sometimes become a plant and enjoy the time there might be interesting! I put it at 3 different places I usually like to hang out: balcony, bed, and bookshelf. There is still a multiple-mirror version which is still going on. But for now, I like the result how it looks!

Day 18: Plant Myself


Just plant myself with my favorite tropical plant.

Day 17: Bed Time


A big family are going to sleep. But who is going to turn off the light?

Day 16: Daily Gardening


Just doing the daily gardening in my balcony. I feel so cool down in such a hot weather.

Day 15: Starbus Ticket


Today, when I am drinking a cup of coffee. I occasionally get a ticket of a starbus with no date. I wish I could really take such kind of bus for one day.

Day 14: A Story of A Sleepy Person 



I first try a tissue paper. It is very tender and I can blow it to make it fly. 

f993bf24Then I grab the curtain in the background. I don't know why that It really makes me feel a little sleepy.


So I decide to really come to my bed and cover myself with the comforter. It is soft, warm and nice. I believe I can fall asleep very soon.

Day 13: Goose


Just a swimming goose in a lake with a beautiful smile.

Day 12: Mountain and New Moon


I feel I am so like a mountain in the camera when I am dressing up a T-shirt.  So I ask my right hand to give me a hand to play the new moon in this picture, and he say yes. So a mountain in a starry night under moon light is completed!

Day 11: BreakFast


Today morning I wake up late and feel very hungry. I eat my breakfast while watching my plants at the balcony. And I surprisingly found that my breakfast was finished so fast after I looked at the balcony less than 10 minutes. So I took this picture with motion blur to record my surprise! It represents that I eat very fast so I can not see my hand clearly in high speed.

Day 10: Finger Bite


My finger and its shadow become a monster and eat the light in my house. So, that is why I am still lazy and lying on the bed in the morning.

Day 9: Happy Bathday



Today is my very close dear friend's birthday, and the weather is so hot here! Wish my dear friend has a nice and beautiful birth and bath day. Yes, it is a soap cake.

Day 8: United Together


I, me, and myself united together for tomorrow. Because tomorrow is the birthday of someone who is very important to me. We will prepare for it and make our dear friend a big smile!

Day 7: Backstroke


Just a little version of me which is backstroking in the sink.

Day 6: Having A Good Appetite


Just wanna play some food today. So I thought about "why not put something else on the dining plate?" Then, one of my colorful socks came to my mind. It must have a forbidden taste that I have known before. Anybody wanna share it with me?

Day 5: The Holy Me


I thought this idea when I am lying on the bed. A light source with a simple round shape came to my eyes. What a perfect object to play!

When I am doing the 30-day project to this point, I feel that I start to connect to my surroundings in a new way. They have much new possibility for me to play with. I am happy for that! 

Day 4: Kissing Back


If you kiss the world, the world will kiss you back ?! 

When I am doing this piece, my first thought is that I want the different angles of me to interact with each other. So, why not show the love to myself? Then wonderful kisses come out, and I indeed feel so many love and happiness during the making process :D 

Day 3: Hard Working Attitude


To-do list always reminds me the right order to do things. Today. it helps me make two big deals again! Cheers to the to-do lists!

Day 2: Double Thumb Up, Top to Toe


The time I spend at my balcony is so great, that both my hand and my feet give it a thumb up. I use a mirror to take a right angle to make my foot look ready.

I originally want to make my feet become the queen in the fairy tale《Snow White》, she always ask a magic mirror who is the most beautiful woman in the world. And my feet also want to ask who is the most beautiful feet in the world? But it is really hard to make my feet look like a queen, but I surprisingly found a great angle for my feet to thumb up. So it comes to the final version. :D 

Day 1: On-Pillow Fighting


Well begun is half done. So I start my self portrait series with a tiny victory on my pillow :D.  It reminds me we all have little happy things in our daily life if we can discover them. Very interesting project and I am looking forward to complete it! 


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