Angela Alvarez Velez




Day 2

Day 2

I got "Imaginary Creatures" and randomly picked a rubber leftover something. I decided to use ink because my fingers were already inky from filling my pens earlier. When I saw the texture of the rubbery thing on paper I decided it didn't look like a part of the monster but rather grass or reeds or something the creature could be hiding behind. I had just finished the grassy texture when my son happened by and said "Oh, are you drawing a Chordasphynxahoot?" "A what?" " A chordasphynxahoot. They live in that kind of swamp you drew."

Naturally I said yes, that is exactly what it was and asked him to describe one. He said they have three horns, four eyes, one mouth, one ear and sharp teeth, but they are not scary. And so, lo and behold, the Chordasphynxahoot. 



Day 1

I blindly chose my son's play-doh rolling pin and some guache. I rolled around in the color and got this really neat texture that reminded me of a sunset, so I added a small sketched sail boat.  



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